Bike rental conditions



Following contract conditions must be respected from customer for rented bikes that are propriety of 4 More srl PI 02519350900 and rules must be applied.

1. Bike rental is offered only to people over 18 years old unless the minor is accompanied by a over 18 person that assume the respnsability signing the contract for him. 

2. A deposit as guarantee for every bike rented is required (100€,150€,200€ depending on the model).  Payment for hiring and deposit must be made at contract’s sign and before taking the bike. Deposit can be made cash or by Credit Card with pre-authorization.

3. The deposit left will be returned at the regular consignee of the bicycle. In case of damages, loss or failure to return the bike, the deposit, in its full amount or a part of it, will be retained by 4 More srl as compensation and the difference of costs will be requested to the customer in add of the deposit if necessary.

4. The customer declare to have checked the bycicle and confirms the perfect technical, safe and good conditions. He will deliver goods hired in the same good conditions considering normal use.

5. In case of damages/broken or missing parts of the bycicle, customer must pay for reparing cost that will be quantified at the returning moment or after consulting its providers, to the updated current market value and handwork. In case of punctures of tires 5€ will be charged.

6. In case of delayed returning without previous communication and approvement, customer must pay a penalty of 25,00€ for each day added to the normal rental day price.

7. Rented goods are consignee at present contract’s sign. Customer is responsable of them and he will take care and respect their use destinationation. He will respect all the local laws and safty rules, considering also traffic regulations.

8. Customer is responsable for any damage, injury or theft even partially made. The 4 More srl is not responsable in any case of damages or injuries caused to himself or others during the use of bycicle and any defect of the hired bike must be declared before the present contract signs.

9. Customer can not claim for any defect or damage not resulted before contract sign.

10. In case of loss, theft or damage of the bicycle or any of its component, customer must pay full amount of the bike price or its missing part to the actual market cost and handwork.

11. In case of theft customer must present formal denounce to local autority (police, carabinieri…) and present a copy to 4More srl.

12. A chain locker will be provided for free with each bike, in case of loss of the chain or even only the key, it will be charged 10€.

13. Failed delivery without comunication will be considered as theft and it will be denounce to local authorities.

14. It is forbidden to bring bicycle outside Sardinia territory. The 4 More srl reserves the right to cancel the booking if bike care will not follow standards of security and storage in cover and safety places. It is forbidden to carry bicycles on boats without previous approval.

15. The hired of a bike means that customer is fisically in fit and he has tecnical skills to drive it. Customer declares to be prepared to use the bycicle without any exception.

16. In case of damage, customer will deliver the bycicle at the same place he has rented it. In case of rescue service of bike/customer for damages or problems due to customer responsaility, the 4More srl will charge 50€ for the service plus an extra per km, depending on distance, that will be communicate before the service.

17. Renting the bike, customer accept all conditions and declare to know all rules, fees, opening and closing time and everything usefull for rent services.

18. Any dispute arising under this contract is as of now devolved to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the Bar of Olbia.

The present contract conditions may vary without any previous advise